Prefabricated Brick & Concrete Grills

In the section Types of Grills, I listed the various types that are popular for cooking an asado. Portable grills and flat table-type grills are easy to explain and visualize. The prefabricated grills that are found inside or outside of homes and restaurants can be visualized better through pictures.

This is an average-sized prefabricated parrilla for the home:

Parilla Full

Dimensions of above grill:

Total: 84″ height x 57″ width

Left Grill Surface: 14″ length x 22″ width
Right Grill Surface: 27″ length x 22″ width

Min. Lowered Grill Surface: 6″ from bottom
Max Raised Grill Surface: 18″ from bottom

Close up view of the racks:

Parrilla Close

As you can see there are two chains on each side of the racks. The racks are balanced by guides attached to the chains that run along L-shaped or T-shaped beams on each side.

View from the side:

Parrilla Side

A lockable hand crank on the side allows you to adjust the height of the left grill rack. A similar crank is on the opposite side to control the height of the right grill rack.

The fire is usually started and maintained under the left rack. When the coals are ready they are spread around below the right rack; the main grilling area. A small amount is usually leftover so that, if needed, extra wood or coals can be added to prepare for later use. Because of this, the left rack is seldom used by some for cooking purposes and serves more as a warming section.

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