Salchicha Parrillera

Salchicha parrillera is like the tall thin brother of the chorizo. Compared to the chorizo there isn’t much difference except in texture and form. Most are made with the same meats and seasonings. One difference is that salchicha parrillera is offered in long thin casings; about the same width as a hot dog. The other difference is that due to having a smaller thickness, they tend to be have a dryer and crunchier texture.

Uncooked Salchicha Parrillera


See Chorizo for signs of good quality.

How Much To Buy:

Since salchicha parrillera is sold in long strips it is better to buy per weight or length. If you are going to serve these along with chorizos, then you should figure about 1 lb. (about a 1/2 kilo) for every 3 people. If no chorizos will be served then about 1 lb. for 2 people or 1 kg for 5 people.

Cooking Directions:

Salchicha parrillera should shaped into a spiral form before cooking and they are almost always sold in this fashion. An easy way to keep it all together is to make sure the spiral is nice and tight. Then evenly insert three or four toothpicks around the outer edges to the inner rings.

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Place on the grill over a medium to low fire. Flip them over when the side facing the fire is crispy and juices start to flow on the top. They should be ready in about 20-30 minutes.

How To Eat:

Salchicha parrillera is best enjoyed with a fresh baguette and a good heaping spoon of chimichurri sauce.

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