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Argentina Beef
Argentina’s Cuts Of Beef For Asado
Finding Good Beef In U.S. or Canada

Aguja Sin Hueso- Boneless Chuck Roast
Bife Ancho – Rib Eye
Bife De Chorizo – Sirloin Strip Steak (Top Loin)
Chuck Tender – Chingolo/Palomita
Colita De Cuadril (Tail of Rump) – Tri-Tip
Lomo – Tenderloin
Ojo De Bife – Rib Eye
Skirt Steak – Entraña
Tapa de Nalga – Top Round Cap
Vacio – Flank Steak


Antares Barley Wine
Antares Scotch Ale
Beer Is A Tasty Beverage Part I
Beer Is A Tasty Beverage Part II
Cerveza Beagle
When Beer Is Not A Tasty Beverage


Pollo A La Parrilla – Barbecued Chicken

Cooking & General Info:

Barbecuing, Grilling, Or……?
Chocolate Caliente Con Churros
El Asador – The King Of The Grill
Elusive Street Food
Grilling up steaks in Argentina
How Would You Like That Cooked?
Parrilla Building
Preparing And Lighting The Fire
Seasoning The Meat
Spanish – English Food Dictionary
Stuffed: The Christmas Eve Feast
The Goods You Need
What Is An Asado?
Wood Or Charcoal?


Arroz con Leche (Rice with Milk) – Rice Pudding
Helado – Gelato/Ice Cream

From The Past:

From The Past: A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes
From The Past: Modern Argentina, the El Dorado of to-day

Fun Research:

The Matambre Challenge
The Matambre Challenge: Round One
The Matambre Challenge: Round Two
The Matambre Challenge: Round Three

Grilling Tools & Asadoware

Asadores (Those Roasting Crosses) Measurements
El Brasero – The Heater
Leñero Brasero / Brasero Uruguayo – Firewood Grate For Grill
Makeshift Seasoning Bottle
Prefabricated Brick & Concrete Grills
Types of Grills For Asado
Wooden Steak Plates – Asadoware


Cordero – Lamb

Off Topic & Life:

Introducing Argentina X
Penguinland and another little roundup
The #1 Reason For Having A Parrilla Indoors
The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part I
The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part II
The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part III
The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part IV
The 2007 Asador Vacation: Wrap Up
The Checkout Shuffle
Vamos A Pescar!

Other Foods On The Parrilla:

Barbecued Turkey – Pavo a la parrilla
Grilled Artichokes – Alcauciles A La Parrilla
Grilled Camembert – Camembert A La Parrilla
Pizza a la parrilla – Grilled Pizza
Provoleta – Grilled Provolone Cheese
Provoleta Rellena – Stuffed Provolone Cheese

Other Foods On The Table:

Ajies En Vinagre – Peppers in Vinegar or, um, Pickled Sweet Banana (Hungarian) Peppers
Empanadas Arabes
Ensalada De Centolla – King Crab Salad
Pao de queijo – Pan de queso – Cheese rolls
Picada: A Little Something To Nibble On Beforehand
Queso Azul, Nueces, & Coñac – Blue Cheese, Nuts, & Brandy (or Cognac)
Sandwiches De Miga

Popular Beverages:

Fernet Branca
Fernet Premium


Matambre De Cerdo – Pork Flank Steak

Rants & Raves:

Don’t Spoil The Cake
Farm Fresh
Which Would You Prefer?

Reader Asados:

Asadito In Chile
Asado In The Campo

Restaurant Talk:

Discover Argentina At An Omni Hotel
Home Away From Home: Buenos Aires Pizzeria
Hop on a plane to try Cabaña las Lilas
Pizza Zero
The Gaucho (Enter Word Here): Typical Authentic Family-Style Argentinean Cuisine


Ensalada Mixta – Mixed Salad
Ensalada De Zanahoria – Carrot Salad
Marinated Soybeans
Russian Salad – Ensalada Rusa

Sausage & Chorizo:

Chorizo – The King Of Sausages
Chorizo, Morcilla, and Salchicha Parrillera
Morcilla – Blood Sausage
Salchicha Parrillera

Seasonings, Marinades, & Sauces:

Adobos – Marinades
Basting With Brine (Salmuera)
Chimichurri Mix & Rub
Chimichurri Recipe
Chimichurri Sauce
Complex Adobos
Fun With Chimichurri
Parsley-Garlic Chimichurri Recipe
Oven Roasted Vegetable Chimichurri Recipe
Sal – Salt
Salsa Criolla – Criollo or Creole Sauce
Simple Adobos
White Barbecue Sauce : Salsa Barbacoa Blanca

Site News:

A bit behind
A Couple Updates
All Things Argentina
Another “be patient” post
Another Random Roundup
ATTN: Users
Coming Late
Coming Soon
Cultural Imperialism, Here I Come!
Don’t Worry Grill, I’m Back
Entraña Pictures Added
Ooops – Site Update
Out For The Holidays
Pictures Being Added
The About page is up
Time To Redecorate
To The New Year

Something Different:

Being Economical
Chile Relleno
Cookies, Cookies, And Cookies
Monkey-Puzzle Nuts
Monkey Puzzle Nut Recipe
Pseudo Sriracha-Chipotle Chili Paste
Sesame Chicken & Watermelon
Southernmost Habanero In The World?
There Goes My Pizzeria Dreams
Trout, Salmon, & Crab Cakes

U.S.-style Barbecue:

Barbecue: Smoked Pork Shoulder – Barbacoa: Bondiola Ahumada
Last Smoke Of The Year

Variety Meats:

Lamb Sweetbreads – Mollejas De Cordero
Veal Sweetbreads – Mollejas De Ternera

Wood & Charcoal:

Quebracho Blanco – White Quebracho

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