Skirt Steak – Entraña

One of the least expensive cuts of meat used in an asado, entraña is what many know as the skirt steak. The cuts are exactly the same. The meat is rich in flavor and extremely juicy, but can be at times be rather chewy and tough. If you are familiar with skirt steak then you will know that it usually comes with a slightly thick layer of fat and muscle membrane; similar to what coats the cuts of vacio. Although trimming the surrounding membrane will make the meat easier on the teeth, it is typically left on. Leaving it on will help to keep the juices inside with a tasty crispy exterior.

Entraña Raw - Skirt Steak


Since this is a cut of meat, factor the amount you need with the weight of the other cuts you will be cooking so that you have half a kilo, or one pound, of meat in total per person.


A good rub of coarse salt is all that is needed for the entraña. However, a generous rubbing of chimichurri can also do wonders. The cuts are usually quite thin and therefore should be on the grill near the end along other meats that do not require lengthy times. Flip when the side facing the grill is golden and crunchy. Cooking time usually only takes about 20-30 minutes over a hot grill.

A couple readers thought that I blew it and burned the meat upon seeing the first photo I posted here. View it here. As you can see with the photo below, the true original, there is a bad blue shadow and glow going on due to bad lighting. The meat had no charring whatsoever. I tried my best to edit it out while keeping the meat true to the original color. The meat ended up looking burnt in some areas and I made a bad judgement to upload it until I could get another photo. I should have posted an disclaimer but didn’t. My apologies.

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