Southernmost Habanero In The World?


Today is a day of celebration! You see, I have this habanero plant that has been flowering like you wouldn’t believe for six months but never produced fruits. The weather here is a bit too cold to have it outside so I’ve been trying my luck with it indoors. Proper sunlight throughout the day sucks and I have researched and researched ways to get this sucker to bear fruits. Believe me, I’ve tried everything except high-powered lights to enhance growth. The plant is huge and about a month ago I resigned myself to just watering it with no further inspection. The only idea I had in my head was to put the plant outside next summer to see what would happen. Nothing to lose right?

Well today my father-in-law paid a visit and poked around the plant a bit after noticing so many flowers. Spotted two peppers deep inside that were hidden by the huge leaves. Couldn’t believe I missed them. Hardly anyone here around me knows about the habanero and I’ve been telling them that one day I’ll let them sample one of the hottest peppers in the world. Until now my hopes were ruined. Well the day has arrived! But now that I think about it I might just keep them to myself.

Now unless those wacky scientists down in Antarctica are growing habaneros this may be the southernmost habanero pepper in the world.

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