Spanish – English Food Dictionary

Well the week is almost over–heh, like time exists when you work at home–and I wasted part of today thinking that I should at least get something up to keep the growth of this site moving along. I think trees grow faster….but anyway, guess what? I’m going to shove another un-sponsored product in your face.

The SaltShaker Spanish – English – Spanish Food & Wine Dictionary

english spanish food dictionary

Written by Dan Perlman, chef, writer, restaurateur, wine sipper sommelier, and budding cheese maker. You can check out his site SaltShaker if you want. Great info on wining and dining in Buenos Aires.

Contains around 5,000 entries, including local idiomatic expressions. That’s one 316 page and 9 x 6 x 0.8 inch food translating filled paperback. Perfect size to toss in your good-sized handbag or backpack while traveling–or you could just stay at home and learn something new. Might come in handy when you are at that off the beaten path of a restaurant offering the recommended chef’s special of criadillas with no English translations. Vice versa if Spanish is your first language.

Now, at this time I can’t personally vouch for this book because, well, I haven’t read it yet. There used to be a scaled down version on his site a while back that was excellent. I will, however, get a copy when I go to the U.S. later this year. With how the postal service works here, that’ll be a much quicker option. (Yeah that’s right Correo Argentino, Aduana, or whoever, I still haven’t forgotten those instances where air mail took 6 months to arrive!!!) So, when I do get the book, I’ll toss up a review-not that my reviews are worth anything. A quick search on Amazon-not that they are the authority but damn near close- shows that this is the only book of its kind or at least one that is super easily available.

So instead of bothering me with your e-mails asking for translations just buy the book! Just kidding, you can still e-mail me, but seriously, this book would be a great thing to have on hand.

Disclaimer: Dan did not ask, pay, beg, or whatever for this promo. Nor, if the chance arose, would I accept a free copy. I’ll just go dine at Casa Saltshaker one day and remind him of this post when the check arrives.

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