Skirt Steak – Entraña »

One of the least expensive cuts of meat used in an asado, entraña is what many know as the skirt steak. The cuts are exactly the same. The meat is rich in flavor and extremely juicy, but can be at times be rather chewy and tough. If you are familiar with skirt steak then you […]

Bife Ancho – Rib Eye »

Bife ancho is similar to what is known as the rib eye steak and is offered boneless or bone-in. The meat is well marbled with fat and, thus, is a very tender and flavorful cut. Buying: Although many supermarkets carry packaged bife ancho steaks, custom slices from a butcher is recommended. Packaged slices are tend […]

Argentina Beef »

Before I move on into detailed explanations about the various cuts of beef for asado, I’d like to mention a few notes about this meat and Argentina. Argentina has been widely recognized and prized for its grass-fed beef. Hundreds of thousands of tons of beef are exported each year to countries around the world. Argentineans, […]

Argentina’s Cuts Of Beef For Asado »

For those who have never experienced an asado nor eaten at an Argentinean steakhouse it may come as a surprise to see the enormous cuts of meats laid upon the grill. You might wonder if someone just made a few cuts to a whole slab of beef and tossed them on the grill. Heck, you […]