Antares Barley Wine »

“No mas. Not a beer to try after three pints of Antares Imperial Stout. I couldn’t take it anymore. Halfway through, my papillae were screaming “Oh for the love of (enter deity of choice here), please stop!” Come on, we can make it through this together.” That was my first attempt at trying Antares Barley […]

When Beer Is Not A Tasty Beverage »

This doesn’t apply to the recent trial of Antares Scotch, which by the way is currently sold out in the local supermarkets–luckily there is still some Porter laying around though. I really want to try the Scotch again since there was obviously something wrong with either me or the bottles I tried that day, but […]

Antares Scotch Ale »

******************** Update: The Scotch is back! This time in the standard portable 330ml bottle and let me tell you that there was definitely something wrong with either me or the other bottle during the first instance of trying this beer (see below.) Personally, I believe it was the bottle or batch for this fresh trial […]

Cerveza Beagle »

Located in the mountainous seaside city of Ushuaia, Cerveza Beagle has been producing artisanal craft beer for, um, some time–I can’t find their founding date anywhere. In case you didn’t know, Beagle was the name of the famous ship, HMS Beagle, which sailed around the southern part of South America and performed a variety scientific […]