Helado – Gelato/Ice Cream »

At some asados there are desserts that are ready to be pulled from the fridge, freezer, cooler, or trunk of a car. At others, dessert is nowhere to be found until someone shouts, “You guys want helado?” If the general ruling is yes, then a quick phone call is made for delivery or, if that’s […]

Fernet Premium »

I only crack open the Fernet Premium on special occasions. What’s up with all these booze posts lately? Am I on a bender? Wine in a box up next? Two prominent aromas battling each other here. One has a quite pleasant sweetness of brown sugar and molasses. Dark Caribbean rum comes to mind. The other, […]

Fernet Branca »

The mainstream media is filled with articles these days about how you must try the beef and wine in Argentina. You must have a steak and malbec they say. Do they mention beer? Maybe. Fernet? I have yet to see it. Probably because these journalists haven’t enjoyed an asado in someone’s backyard or quincho (the […]