Adobo Para Pizza – Pizza Seasoning »

Matambre A La Pizza or roughly grilled flank steak pizza Walk past any dry spice stand in Argentina and you’ll have a hard time missing the adobo para pizza sitting right beside chimichurri mixes, oregano, parsley, and other common herbs & spices. For chefs or home cooks, who see no need in purchasing a commercial blend, this mixture may be custom made before or at the last minute by sprinkling here and there a few simple ingredients. Either way, adobo para pizza is the go to seasoning for adding a spicy herbal kick to pizzas when parsley, oregano, or basil just won’t cut it by themselves.

Why Hellmann’s Why!!??? »

This just caught my eye yesterday but it seems to have been playing for a while. (I don’t watch much TV except for documentaries and a few cheesy serials here and there.) Hellmann’s, the mayo people, have a set of 3 commercials promoting the use of their ketchup as a subsitute for any other form […]

Oh Random Roundup »

Cantimpalo & Ham 1 Well my plans to update the design of this site and a few other things have been squashed for the past three weeks due to my ISP screwing over all of its customers down here with connection speeds slightly better than what I had with Compuserve back in ’93. So while I’m sitting here flushing money down my crapper because I can’t really work and waiting for the new ISP to connect–already a week late, you’ll just have to put up with my foul mood.

Desde El Correo: Pizza Zero »

(I have a few news alerts set up with keywords related to the topics I write about here. This section will cover anything I find interesting which may, or may not, interest anyone who visits Asado Argentina.) The Washingtonian posted a brief interview today with Gonzalo Di Laudo, the creator/partner of Pizza Zero in Bethesda, […]

Pizza a la parrilla – Grilled Pizza »

…or barbecued pizza. I’m going to continue off the beaten path for a bit because I just couldn’t resist a little more experimentation. I was reading SaltShaker the other day, very well written site by the way if you have not come across it yet. Actually before I go further, if you want the dish […]