Marinated Soybeans »

IMG_2853 Soy is such an awesome crop. Soy can fuel our cars, feed our bellies, and be the clothes on our back. I’ll bet they’ll even be able to make soy charcoal so that we can grill soy turkey legs. All of those minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Soy hamburgers taste just as good as the real thing. Soy milk with calcium carbonate. We won’t even need cows anymore. Soy can replace wood so we won’t need trees anymore. And what’s good about that? With all of the forests gone we’ll have more room to plant soy! But we need forests for water you say? Pfft, I’m sure we can easily filter the exhaust of our cars running biofuel in order to gather our daily water needs. Soy is the future.

Ensalada De Zanahoria – Carrot Salad »

Ensalada De Zanahoria You can’t go wrong using carrot salad to accompany many different types of vegetarian fare. Today I’ll be using it as a side to a delicious tofu burger I’m making that will be topped with alfalfa sprouts, portabello mushrooms, and cherry-pecan soy mayo.

Ensalada Mixta – Mixed Salad »

Whether it has a few ingredients or many, I love a good salad. Same goes for dressings to put on those salads. Pass me a bottled of preservative-enhanced blue cheese dressing and some greens and I’ll be flopping around like a pig in, well, you know where. Mix up a delicate fresh raspberry-walnut vinaigrette and […]

Russian Salad – Ensalada Rusa »

At many barbecue parties around the world you’ll find classic dishes that accompany the main attraction of meats. In Korea you’ll see different types of kimchi and pickled vegetables. In the Caribbean, rice and beans and plantains. In the U.S., potato salad, cole slaw, and corn. One of the classics in Argentina is ensalada rusa, […]