The Checkout Shuffle

Why, oh why, did I not take a picture?

Why were there 15 carts in an L-shaped line at the opposite end of the supermarket while my lane and the two surrounding ones only had one or two carts along with no signs of closing?

Why were all of those people looking at us with blank stares?

Were they afraid to ask if our lanes were closed?

Did they assume our lanes were closed because there were only one or two carts per lane while the other lane could have gone halfway into the store, if it were straight, and must be the only one not closing?

Were they afraid to ask because they might have been #15 in line instead of #14?

Why do supermarkets have 20+ checkout lanes when only 4 to 8 are typically occupied, even on the busiest of days? In case one register or 12 craps out at any given moment?

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