The Goods You Need

OK, well if you are reading this then you might be thinking, “I know that I need to have a lot of food and drinks for my guests”. Well think again because this is all about an Argentinean asado.

The key items that can never be left out are sausages, meats, and bread. Even if you serve only those with a little chimichurri sauce, you’re guests will be happy. Always make sure you have enough food to feed everyone and then some. Better safe than sorry. Anything left over will make a snack later on or lunch for the next day.

Listed below are some average quantities of foods and drinks that will be needed. Know the likes and dislikes of your guests in case they are following any special diets. You want this to be an enjoyable experience for all so if someone likes chicken instead of red meat, then you’ll need to accommodate them. If they want a veggie burger then don’t invite them.


Be sure to have a lot of wine on hand. Figure about one bottle per two people. Plenty of beer on hand too. But, if you want to make this a good asado then focus on the wine first. Wine is the official drink for an asado. Argentinean Malbec is the preferred wine of choice but any other good red wine will do. Also make sure sure you have plenty of soft drinks and water for those who either don’t drink or only drink limited amounts of alcohol.


An asado without bread is like a Chinese meal without rice. It just doesn’t happen. Crusty baguettes, what many may call French bread, are the ideal selection. Figure about one loaf for every one or two people depending on how large they are; the loaves not the people. Bread is cheap and you are better off having too much than too little.



There are three popular types of sausages served at an asado: Chorizo, Salchicha Parrillera, and Morcilla.

Chorizos, the most popular, are plump and usually made of beef or pork. There should at least be one per person.

Salchicha Parrillera typically contain the same type of meat and seasonings as chorizos but are long and thin. These are usually set into a spiral shape, and depending on size, should be enough for two people.

Morcilla is a blood sausage similar to black pudding that is popular in Europe. People love them or won’t touch them. If you don’t like them and you are not sure if anyone else does, then you’ll be forgiven if you leave them out. If you know anyone who does eat them, then buy one for each of them.

The Main Course Meats

If there is a standard rule for how much of the main meats to buy then it would be about one pound or half a kilo per person. Now this can be a bit tricky when wanting to cook meats that have a high amount of fat or those that have bones. Use your best instincts when shopping. If you are going to cook mostly ribs, then try to visualize that there will be enough meat to feed your guests. Same goes for meats with large amounts of fat since these cuts usually shrink. If in doubt ask your butcher or someone in the meat department at your local grocer.


Salads or just plain potatoes go great with an asado. Follow the recipes for the quantities of ingredients you will need depending on serving sizes. For something simple like baked or grilled potatoes then one medium potato per person should be fine.

Everything Else

As with any get together, make sure you have the basic necessities around. Plenty of napkins, utensils, plates, cups, etc. Condiments like salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar.

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