To The New Year

Desdemona - Cabo San Pablo - Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

Wow, 2006 went by really fast! I hate when time just flies away. We decided to take an excursion out to Cabo San Pablo for New Years Day. The weather was beautiful and I think everyone was out in the countryside having a picnic, asado, or just drinking some mate in the sun while enjoying the tranquility of nature. There were cars almost all along the route with fires burning and that savory smell of roasted meat. If you were hoping for some tasty looking asado pics, I’m sorry for sandwiches and snacks are all we packed. Summer might just stick around for a little bit longer so maybe one of these weekends.

This was my first time to Cabo San Pablo and what an amazing place. Off the beaten path a bit so you don’t see it much on typical itineraries for tours in Tierra Del Fuego. I think that’s a good thing judging from the national park (Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego) that is popular down near Ushuaia. Not that that park is super packed with tourists, just that so many tour buses go through there in the summer that if you are anywhere near the unpaved roads you’re going to eat dust.

The wind was a bit strong and cool, like usual, so it was quite a challenge to find a spot to settle down. Quite a weird feeling to the body, your skin feels very hot from the sun but also gets blasted by cold air, but that’s almost an everyday occurrence down here in summer. Guanacos, like a llama, were everywhere a long the route. I’ve never seen so many in one day. Calafate bushes were everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Unfortunately the berries won’t ripen until late January or early February and we’ll definitely have to head back then to gather a bucket of them. That’s if the guanacos and other animals don’t eat them all up first. In the end we decided to relax at the base of a dune in front of the shipwreck you see above. The Desdemona, which was was forced to run aground in 1985.

Cabo San Pablo - Tierra Del Fuego - Argentina

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