Which Would You Prefer?

asparagus (obvious?)


1 Kilo of Asparagus = 4.90 ARS ($1.55 USD)

1 Kilo of Tomatoes = 12.90 ARS ($4 USD)

The asparagus pictured above equals one kilo. The equivalent in price(4.90 ARS) for tomatoes at this time would be about 2 medium-sized ones. (I bought a large one last Friday that cost me 3 ARS) I’m participating in this week’s tomato boycott so I wasn’t able to snap a pic of freshly bought tomatoes. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see their mugs anyway. This week’s stock screams frostbitten face of a poorly clothed climber on Mount Everest.

The asparagus arrived just in time and look absolutely flawless so Mr. Tomato, you can wait a week.


Well it looks like the boycott caused a few problems and headaches for many. 40% drop in tomato sales in some sectors has forced the market to drop the price 30%! I still think that I’ll declare this week “asparagus week” though…

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