It Would Have Been Better On A Saturday….

La Anonima, a large Patagonian supermarket chain, has this great promo going on to help celebrate their 100 years in business. For 100 days, one out of every 100 shoppers receives whatever they are going to purchase for free. When we first heard about the promo, my wife and I joked about how it would very much suck to be the person who wins while just running in to buy some toilet paper or a bottle of water. Anything for free is good but wouldn’t you rather win when your cart is full?

I’m the type who goes to the supermarket almost everyday–when you work at home, any excuse to get out of the house is a good excuse, so I figured my odds of winning were good. Well, today I won! Sirens were set off. Everyone clapped. Haha, all good fun. I just wish I had more in my shopping cart than a bag of dog food, a few bottled drinks, some ground beef, and a couple tomatoes. Oh well, saved me 66 pesos so I’m happy. Too bad they didn’t have the 8 kilo bag of dog food that I set out to buy in the first place.

But, why couldn’t this happen on a Saturday when we’re filling up a cart with loads beer, wine, and beef for a Sunday asado!!???! Not to mention expensive cleaning supplies. Maybe I’ll get lucky again, still two more months left.

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